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Close To My Heart

What makes your heart jump?

'Close to my heart' is a small personal art photography project I started in August 2021. The concept is both profound and simple: portray people with something that’s very near and dear to their heart, held physically close to their heart.

Maybe the object has intrinsic value, or maybe it merely represents something (or someone) that is of great significance to the person portrayed: a memory of the past, a gift from the present, a hope for the future... Whatever makes their heart jump. Click on an image to see it in full, and then on the 'view details' button underneath the full image to learn what's close to that person's heart and why.

If you want to participate, great! All you need to bring is you, and something that's close to your heart. Shoot me an email and we'll try to find a time and place to make a portrait and include you in the project.