NL (Q4 2021)

Somehow, we tend to grow accustomed to the beauty that surrounds us. After a few years, you just don't notice it anymore.

I figured it might be a good idea to press myself every now and then to leave the highway on my commutes and focus on the stunning landscapes I would otherwise take for granted.

All images in this album were shot in Q4 2021. You can access previous albums through the menu.

Vermiljoenhoutzwam (Pycnoporus cinnabarinus)

Leersumse Veld

near Nieuwegein

Bedafse Bergen

IJsselsteinse Bos

The A2 without the old bridge

The bridge, transported to a dock

The old bridge on it's original spot

De Haart


Buurser beek

Witte Veen


Verdronken Bos, Tull en 't Waal

Rijk der Heide (Arnhem)

Leemput (Dorst)

De Trouwe Waghter, Tienhoven

Almost home, Leidsche Rijn