Recent Travels

I love traveling, experiencing other cultures and natural surroundings - until, unfortunately, the pandemic limited our plans.

In this album you'll find a few recent trips to the Nord-Eifel, Niedersachsen and Malmö. For pre-pandemic travels, please visit 'Previous Travels'.

Crossing 'The Bridge' between Denmark and Sweden

Emporia, Hyllie (Malmö)

Triangelns station

"Tragos", Nils Sjogren, 1953

St. Johannes Kyrka

Bentheimer Klippen


Schwatte Gatt

St-Franziskus, Zwillbrock


Zwillbrocker Venn

View from our AirBnB bedroom

Schöpfungspfad (the bridge collapsed during the flood in July)

Sunset over Tiefenbachtal



Caterpillar of the Deilephila elpenor, the elephant hawk moth

Resting place in Kermeter


Sunrise over Woffelsbach

Probably a food stash from a Shrike (Klauwier), known for impaling their prey