In the early nineties, after a handful of years working as a professional photographer, I decided to protect my lifelong passion for photography and quit my job to pursue a different career path. A tough decision, but once my livelihood no longer depended on it I was free to choose my own subjects again. Ever since, I've enjoyed taking and making photographs in a variety of settings, increasingly concentrating on the human form and landscapes, either around my home town Utrecht in the heart of the Netherlands or abroad.

Currently I shoot both digital (mft) and analog (primarily medium format) cameras, on location and in studio. Though I have embraced the digital workflow enthusiastically from its infant stages, I still have a weak spot for the artisanal analog film photography process, from manually measuring exposure to film development. Having both technologies under my belt provides me with more creative freedom: depending on the desired output, I choose the best tool for the job.

Most of what you'll find here is recent free work. Occasionally I accept assignments from private clients (from family group shots and portraits to artistic nude), corporations and magazines (from documentary photography and headshots to environmental portraits), but only if the subject tickles the creative side of my brain. If you would like to work with me, shoot me an email to see if there's a click!

All photographs on this website are published under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs (CC BY-NC-ND) license.

Gert Jan Kole

As a member of Nature First, The Alliance for Responsible Nature Photography I’m dedicated to following the Nature First Principles.